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Garage & Automotive Metal Management 

Aussie Metal Management provides garage metal recycling services. We work with automotive chains around the UK, providing regular collections and recycling of their unwanted metal parts and equipment. We have developed strong relationships with multi-site garage chains as well as with waste management companies, who use us to ensure that the metal management is compliant with waste management legislation.

garage metal recycling

Corporate Environmental Responsibility

As awareness grows of the need to conserve our natural resources, metal recycling has gained in popularity, but there is still a lot of work to be done to improve the UK’s level of metal recycling. We are proud of the role we can play in helping to conserve precious resources through efficient management and recycling. We can also help our clients prove their corporate responsibility and green credentials through our detailed monthly reports and waste transfer notes.

Regular, Reliable Collections

Use us for your garage metal recycling. Many garages ask site managers to arrange for local collection of scrap metal, which has led to issues such as unreliable service, no waste transfer notes and occasionally non-compliance with waste management legislation. It also means a lot of paper work at group level, with reports coming in from individual garages often in different formats. We can take all of that away from you, by providing you with a schedule of collections across all the sites, with one report summarising the metal management across all the sites we collect from.

A Personalised Service

We have a dedicated team who carry out national collections and we usually collect every 6 weeks. Please talk to us if you need something different, as we are able to personalise our service to your requirements.

When you work with Aussie Metal Management, you know that we are a reliable, professional and friendly team as backed up by the testimonials we receive.

Our National Garage Metal Recycling Services Include:

  • Provide advice and guidance on the best metal management practices
  • Provide cages for the safe and tidy storage of your scrap metal
  • Schedule regular collections from sites all around the UK
  • Ensure all collections receive a Waste Transfer Note
  • Collate metal management reports into one document, saving time for you
  • Ensure that your metal recycling is complaint with Waste Management Legislation
  • Carry out site clearances in the South West
  • Remove and recycle bulky metal items from sites in the South West

Case Study

National Garage Chain

The Problem

This National Garage Group had many individual garages, all making their own arrangements to dispose of their metal scrap. The group wanted to implement a system across all the garages to ensure responsible and licensed metal management was taking place and to be able to look at the amount of metal waste at both local and national levels. They wanted a process for reliable collections that also gave them simple, comprehensive reporting on waste management.


Our Solution

We provided storage containers for the metal wastage on every site, giving the garage owners a secure and suitable location for metal scrap. We set up monthly collections so our team could build relationships with garages. We provided waste transfer notes which clearly showed weight of metal scrap per site and we collated that data across the group for the senior management team.


The Outcomes

The Group benefitted from safer and tidier garages while also knowing that all their sites now met waste compliancy targets. They now had  corporate reporting and rebates on metal recycling for the company, which helped them meet financial and corporate responsibility targets at Group level.




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Some words from our customers

“Aussie Scrap recycles our medical equipment throughout the week. They consistently provide a reliable and efficient service for our company.”

Steve Gotham

Manager, Millbrook Healthcare

“I have always been impressed with the level of service provided by Aussie Scrap, always punctual, professional and friendly. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone in the local area looking for an excellent waste removal company.”

Suzzanne Whiting

General Manager, Freshways Dairystix

“As a group we have used Aussie Scrap at many of our boat yards over the last 15 yrs. They have been involved in large scale projects finding solutions to recycle our waste, can’t recommend them enough!”

Ryan Bonney

Site Manager, Yacht Havens