Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some common queries

Why should we do metal recycling?

Metal recycling conserves natural resources by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and using less energy than making metal from virgin ore. The production of new metal releases a far greater amount of greenhouse gas emissions compared with making products from recycled metal. These emissions may influence climate change and may also cause harmful levels of air pollution in cities.

The amount of energy saved using various recycled metals compared to virgin ore is up to:

  • 92 % for aluminum
  • 90 % for copper
  • 56 % for steel
What is ferrous and non-ferrous metal?

Ferrous means that it contains iron. Generally speaking, ferrous metals are magnetic and are liable to rust.  Examples of ferrous metals or alloys are mild, carbon and stainless steels, cast and wrought iron. They are known for their strength and durability. Ferrous steel is the most recycled metal in the world.

Non-ferrous metals can be strong but tend to be chosen for their individual characteristics, such as malleability or lightness. Examples include aluminium, nickel, copper, gold and silver.

Both types of metal can be recycled.

Do you do domestic collections?

We can collect your scrap metal from your home if you live within 10 miles of Plymouth. You’ll need to call us to book a collection and to get a quote for us to collect your metal items. We can usually collect within 7 days.

Do you do site clearances anywhere in the UK?

We are only able to do site clearances in the South West where our metal disposal equipment and specialist vehicles are based.

Do you collect from all types of organisations?

Yes, we can collect from any type of site as long as the site is in the South West. We can remove anything from tractors to wheelchairs so please get in touch for a quote.

What licenses do you hold?

We are an Accredited Safe Contactor with Alcumus, the leading assessor and provider of health & safety accreditation.  We are fully insured and hold waste management licences from the local councils.

Get in touch to discuss your metal recycling requirements…


Some words from our customers

“Aussie Scrap recycles our medical equipment throughout the week. They consistently provide a reliable and efficient service for our company.”

Steve Gotham

Manager, Millbrook Healthcare

“I have always been impressed with the level of service provided by Aussie Scrap, always punctual, professional and friendly. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone in the local area looking for an excellent waste removal company.”

Suzzanne Whiting

General Manager, Freshways Dairystix

“As a group we have used Aussie Scrap at many of our boat yards over the last 15 yrs. They have been involved in large scale projects finding solutions to recycle our waste, can’t recommend them enough!”

Ryan Bonney

Site Manager, Yacht Havens