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Aussie Metal Management works across a number of industries around the South West in Waste Management, either tackling one-off projects to remove and recycle metal items or providing regular collections of unwanted metal objects from sites. From healthcare providers to boatyards to chains of garages or any other type of business, we can work with you to provide safe and responsible metal management that meets waste management standards.

Scrap metals such as copper, steel, iron, aluminium and brass can be recycled over and over again. Steel, for instance, is one of the most recycled metals in the world. By recycling the scrap metal, we reduce waste and improve the efficiency of use of our valuable metal resources. Recycling metal is also an environmentally friendly solution and can help you meet your targets for sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Here are some of the main industries we work with, but we are not limited to these industries. Please talk to us about your metal recycling requirements.


Boatyards can be littered with unwanted metal which can be recycled responsibly. Aussie Metal Management can do a boatyard metal clearance, bringing in whatever equipment we need to left and move the scrap metal, including cranes, hiabs and bunkers. It’s important to keep places like boatyards free from unwanted metal items because of the need to keep them from getting into our waters where they can become a hazard to shipping, fishermen or pleasure crafts. Steel is the most recycled metal in the world so recycling steel parts from boats is a vital piece of conservation of our precious resources. 


Farms can over the years become repositories for obsolete machinery, wiring, fencing and discarded or broken equipment. Aussie Metal Management can sort your scrap metal, collect and dispose of it safely for you, including breaking up heavy and awkward machinery like old tractors and vats. Only 30% of metal is currently recycled, so why not get in touch with us to see if you can generate some cash while we remove your unwanted scrap metal. 


Aussie Metal Management can provide key services for garages. We can provide cages on your sites all around the UK which we collect from regularly, usually every 2–6 weeks depending on your location and requirements. For chains of garages, this can result in a very efficient process whereby we collect from your sites and report back regularly compiling the output from each sites into one report. We also ensure that you receive waste management notes, assisting you meet your environmental standards and targets. We can also do one-off clearances on demand, if the sites are within the South West. Get in touch to see if we can make your metal management processes more efficient.



Hospitals and health centres often find they have piles of unwanted metal objects from crutches to wheelchairs, broken equipment and old beds. Aussie Metal Management can place cages on your site into which personnel can place unwanted metal objects which we then sort and recycle responsibly on your behalf. We arrange regular collections at agreed times and give you waste management reports for your records.



Manufacturing sites can produce regular levels of metal waste which can be recycled from obsolete equipment and cabling to heavy machinery. No job is too big for Aussie Metal Management and we are able to bring equipment onto your site to lift and remove very large pieces of metal.



Aussie Metal Management often collects scrap metal from retail sites, removing unwanted items such as shelving and racking, conveyors, equipment and storage items which can be recycled. Make the most of your space by asking us to regularly keep your sites clear of unwanted metal items.



Schools need to keep their public areas free from potentially hazardous scrap metal and Aussie Metal Management will provide you with safe and regular disposal and recycling services. Educational sites can often have stores full of unwanted ‘tech’ and equipment which can be recycled.


Get in touch to discuss your metal recycling requirements…


Some words from our customers

“Aussie Scrap recycles our medical equipment throughout the week. They consistently provide a reliable and efficient service for our company.”

Steve Gotham

Manager, Millbrook Healthcare

“I have always been impressed with the level of service provided by Aussie Scrap, always punctual, professional and friendly. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone in the local area looking for an excellent waste removal company.”

Suzzanne Whiting

General Manager, Freshways Dairystix

“As a group we have used Aussie Scrap at many of our boat yards over the last 15 yrs. They have been involved in large scale projects finding solutions to recycle our waste, can’t recommend them enough!”

Ryan Bonney

Site Manager, Yacht Havens